We’ve been working on this new site for what seems like ages but it’s all been worth it as Benita and I are thrilled to have officially “teamed up” to form Plain Dealing Farm Eventing and the launch of this new site sort of makes it official…even though we’ve been a team already for most of our lives. 

New Plain Dealing Farm Logo courtesy of Bald Guy Studio!The launch of this site coincides with a lot of changes happening at Plain Dealing Farm that will take a little time to catch everyone up on but I will do my best! To summarize: Our head groom for the past 3 years has moved on to a new career and we have had to adjust. Luckily the transition went smoother than could have been anticipated as we  already an excellent candidate ready to step up and not only take over the duties of Head Groom, but really re-define the position as a whole. We are really re-defining PDF Eventing and it was a perfect time to have Katie Papillion step up into the position. Katie is now head girl at the stables and is doing a fantastic job whipping it all into shape.

In additions to those big changes, we also have two new grooms working with us and both are fantastic: Laura Gillikin brings with her the experience of working with horses and in the eventing world specifically (she’s already survived Aiken so that’s a plus!) and Katie Taylor brings excitement and joy to the barn every day , as this is really her first time working full time in a large Eventing barn and we’ve thrown her in head first ( still trying to find the best way to distinguish between the two Katies as “Old Katie” and “New Katie” doesn’t please everyone… ) 

Cedric and Logon on their way to us!We have a couple new additions to the barn as well- I’ve been updating on Facebook so some of you may be familiar with them already. I was able to make another trip to Ireland and feel incredibly blessed and lucky to have been able to do so. I came home with three amazing youngsters thanks to Richard Sheane of Cooley Sport Horses and Kate Rocher of Dassett Eventing, but mostly thank’s to my parents. Ive really thrown myself into this eventing thing full force: mentally, physically and financially now, but as always my amazing parents support me 150%. Much more on these exciting boys later. 

Now that I’ve mentioned Kate and Dassett Eventing, I must mention that Benita has run off to England for the rest of the year. She was offered an opportunity to train at Dassett Eventing and couldn’t turn it down. At home we are all thrilled and excited for her, but we also miss her dearly ( and I desperately). She’s also going to be bringing home some new faces when she returns in November- by the names of Jessica and Aoife- or Miss Dynamic and Cooley All Out. Miss Dynamic is an exciting prospect purchased from Tiana Coudray, fellow American in England, and Cooley All Out is obviously another amazing horse from Richard Sheane. I havn’t met Jess yet, but I’ve ridden Aoife and can say with certainty that this is one serious mare- and we thank both Richard and her rider (and namesake) Aoife for giving us the opportunity to bring her home with us. 

Cooley All OutSo….once Benita returns home we will have 5 mares eventing. It will certainly be interesting!

In sadder news the love of my life, Oudo, has fully retired from competition after he re-injured himself in the field. He is also struggling with a second bout of EPM. He is my heart and I am preying for his full recovery so that he can live out his days happy and wild with his pony friend Roanie Pony! As of now, things are looking good! He’s taught me so much and given me some of the most amazing rounds of my life. He’s the best person I know. 

In other news : Roy had face surgery! ( for an infected tooth)- completely recovered and just WON his first outing since April at Fairhill last weekend. Also, Colin moved up to Intermediate with ease and Nate moved up to Preliminary! Last but not least- little OTTB Stanley made the move up to Training level- I’m still in shock- he’s such a star!

Obviously I could continue on for ages but will force myself to stop…for now.

Look for the return of the Blog and in addition- Benita will be sending in blogs from England! She will be competing herself as well as attending Burghley and Blenheim with the Dassett crew so she will have all sorts of awesome insider information! 

Both Benita and I would like to give a big thank you to Chuck Moran of Bald Guy Studio! He did my previous website and when it came time to update we went straight back to him. THANK YOU for all your hard work and making this site look awesome!

Welcome and Enjoy! 

Lucia and Benita 

Katie T, Oudo and Corona! P.S. And Katie P got a new puppy named Corona!