Lucia and Benita are in the process of producing a talented string of horses with the goal of representing the United States internationally. Without the support of like-minded individuals, they would be unable to carry out this quest. They are in the process of creating syndication opportunities involving horses already owned by Plain Dealing Farm so that anyone could potentially become part of an existing horse’s future. With new syndication opportunities, becoming involved is easier than ever without the financial responsibility of being the sole owner of a horse.

Additionally, if you are interested in purchasing a new horse for the team, or adding your own horse, there are many benefits to getting involved with Plain Dealing Farm Eventing:

  • Experience the incredible sport of eventing as an Owner.
  • Recognition at events and the invitation to come watch your horse.
  • Plain Dealing Farm Eventing Gear/Apparel.
  • Communication with Lucia or Benita concerning your horse and Video updates for syndicated.
  • Your horse receiving the finest care from Plain Dealing Farm’s employees, veterinarian and farriers.
  • Your horse benefitting from Plain Dealing Farm Eventing’s great sponsors.
  • Becoming involved with young riders who hope to help be part of the future of the sport and who have the determination to get there. For more information on joining Plain Dealing Farm Eventing as an owner please contact us with any questions or about specific.

Lucia and Benita would like to thank their current owners for their support and encouragement:

  • Linda Wachtmeister
  • Robert Strini