We would like to extend a big thank you to each of our sponsors, and invite you to read more about the products that power Lucia and Benita. Please click on each sponsors logo to explore their website!

Equine Comfort Products

“Equine Comfort Products is unsurpassed in quality, design and utility. Manufacturing since 1984... we have established our company as the premium supplier to the equestrian customer. Australian Merino Sheepskin Pads and Accessories As always Mother Nature knows best there is no man-made material that can equal the therapeutic benefits of sheepskin. Benefits include: lightweight, breathable shock absorption; total relief from pressure points; complete elimination of chafing sores and rubs; effective heat and moisture management. Equine Comfort Products are designed by active riders and competitors. We care about horse sports and love our equine partners. As riders, we understand the need for performance and practicality.”


“EQyss was established in 1991. The founder had a desire to provide and manufacture The finest grooming products available for horses and pets. In his research, he found that the products available for horse and pet owners were products with questionable ingredients, and no requirements to even disclose the ingredients to the public. After learning what was in the products he and his family had been buying to use on their own pets and horses for years, he decided to make human quality product available for those who truly love their companion animals, products with the finest ingredients without risk of side effects or toxicity. After much research and development, the perfect formulas, human salon-quality formulas, were delivered to the market. To this day, you will find that they are the finest products available for horses or pets. When you use an EQyss product, you can feel confident that you are using a product so safe and effective, that you would not hesitate to use it on yourself.

We manufacture cruelty-free, environmentally friendly and above all else, 100% SAFE skin and hair products. We have stuck to these principles for two decades.”

Horse Quencher

“Horse Quencher is a mix of all natural grains and flavorings that, when added to water, make horses eagerly drink. You’ll find Horse Quencher especially helpful for travel, competitions, cold weather and illnesses, and also great to pair with electrolytes to aid in recovery after exercise. It’s made of all-natural ingredients found in most horse feeds, so you can be sure Horse Quencher is safe for competition.”

Lucia and Benita are thrilled to represent Horse Quencher as it is a product their horses can’t do without! The trailer is kept stocked with it for those finicky horses who need a little extra encouragement.

Gardian Horse Bedding

“As a leader in the animal bedding industry, Guardian Horse Bedding is always working on ways to improve our existing product line and develop new products that provide health and financial benefit to our customers and their animals. While others have attempted to mirror our animal bedding products you can rest assured that we are always several steps ahead of our competitors in development and innovation of new products and marketing programs to provide support to our farms, retailers and their customers. We welcome requests, recommendations, input and anecdotes from our customers and hope you will communicate your thoughts to us at any time.”

“Concerns ranging from dust levels in many equine bedding products, respiratory health and allergens, improper drying methods, improper volume labeling and monitoring, as well as quality customer service, timely shipping and affordable pricing have evolved into the superior horse bedding products we at Guardian Horse Bedding offer today.”


“With over 40 years of independent research worldwide, light therapy has been shown to deliver powerful therapeutic benefits to living tissues and organisms.

As an industry leader in equine preventative maintenance and rehabilitation devices, our mission at RevitaVetTM is to educate competitors and horse owners of all disciplines on the benefits of infrared therapy. RevitaVetTM provides healthy maintenance and rehabilitation of your equine athletes, enhancing their peak performance condition, while preventing costly veterinary ailments before they arise.”


“Stübben’s history is rooted in a family tradition of hard work and high quality craftsmanship. Founded in 1894, the company reflects the diversity and individuality of the European continent and of European culture. Stübben’s product offering has grown through the years and now includes many different styles of saddles, leather goods, and accessories for the discriminating equestrian. Recent developments from the company include the Biomex seat design, which greatly reduces a rider’s back pain. Long renowned for their diversity in saddle models and their ability to fit almost any horse’s back, they now have a selection of softer sleeker saddles to accommodate all riders tastes. Riders who have employed Stübben’s products have garnered countless national and international championships, including numerous Olympic medals. Stübben products are known for their meticulous craftsmanship, long-lasting performance, and their utmost concern for the horse.”

Lucia and Benita are both extremely pleased with the Stubben line of products. All their horses compete in Stubben saddles for every phase and the fit and balance of them couldn’t be better. Stubben’s incredible customer service and wide variety of innovative products is exemplary and Plain Dealing Farm Eventing is proud to be sponsored by them.

Southern States

Plain Dealing Farm is proud to be sponsored by the local Charlottesville/Albermarle Southern States. It is wonderful to be able to use their knowledge to help us accommodate each of our horses specific needs. Their quality feed keeps everybody, from the upper level eventers to the retirees and ponies, in top form.

Tripple Crown

“The Triple Crown program of feed, supplements and fibers can create a successful feeding program and is unlike any other product line. The program is designed to address your concerns about proper equine nutrition, its benefits, as well as the dangers of improper feeding and dispensing of supplements. While feeding your horse Triple Crown® feed, supplements and fiber may not automatically place your horse in the winner’s circle, it will help her maintain high performance levels, and keep her healthy and in supreme condition.”

Plain Dealing Farm is proud to be sponsored by Triple Crown. A superior feeding program is a must for our horses and with Triple Crown feeds we have just that. With their variety in quality grain there is something for every horse on the farm and the competition horses have thrived on the Triple Crown program.

Deco Pony

“Custom Horse Show Accessories. Style your Barn aisle with matching stall guards, halter guards™ & more in your barn colors.”

Lucia and Benita are both impressed with the high quality and craftsmanship displayed in the Deco Pony line of products. Their Plain Dealing Farm Eventing custom stall guards from Deco Pony are the best finishing touch to their horse show setup and they are proud to be working with such an impressive company.