Lucia and Benita are fortunate to be supported by many wonderful people, each of whom is integral to their continued success. Their amazing parents have supported them every step of the way, neither have often competed without one, or both, of them ringside. It is because of their continued support that Lucia and Benita have been able to focus their efforts on eventing and the pursuit of one day representing their country internationally. In addition to their parents, the support of everyone at Plain Dealing Farm, their grooms, farriers, vets, and friends have been an indispensable part of the success of Plain Dealing Farm Eventing. They invite you to learn more about each special member of the team:


Linda Wachtmeister

mum-awardThough she grew up in horse-filled Warrington, VA, Linda got her first taste of eventing while visiting a friend in Montana. That quick glimpse stayed with her and you can learn much more about the amazing memories it lead to on the Farm History page. Linda is really the heart of the farm and the reason it exists. When Kim moved on and Lucia and Benita decided they wanted to take over the reins she was nothing but supportive and encouraged her daughters every step of the way. The horses of Plain Dealing Farm are really part of the family and the competitions are often, if not always, a family affair with Linda in attendance. Linda is also, at heart, an artist and continues to find time to focus on that other passion in her life. Lucia and Benita are eternally grateful for the opportunities and encouragement their Mum has provided them with. She doesn’t care about the ribbons- only that Lucia and Benita are safe, happy and doing what they love.

Lucia and DadRobert Strini

Bob is immediately recognizable at events with his wild, curly hair and video camera in hand. Thanks to his avid filming, almost every show Lucia and Benita have competed in since they were on ponies has been documented. Though he grew up a in California and may be more comfortable with the mechanics of a car, the horses all have a quirky affinity to him and he in turn has taken to the Eventing world easily. Their father is a source of unwavering support for Lucia and Benita and he is always there to offer guidance. He can be found roaming the farm with their pack of dogs or working hard in his studio as he is an avid Sculptor. Visit his website to learn more about his work.


LauraTeam2Laura TeamLaura Gillikin- Head Groom

Laura became an integral part of Team PDF and stepped into the role of Head Groom in 2015. She brought with her loads of knowledge and years of experience working with horses and she keeps the whole operation running smoothly. She’s been able to balance her roles in the barn and at the Events with managing sponsors and scheduling the monthly appointments- she’s irreplaceable!


Sarah TeamSarah Choate- Groom

Sarah is the newest member of Team PDF and joined us just before the 2016 season. She Graduated from Otterbein University in 2015 where she double majored in Equine Business Management and Equine Veterinary Technology. She also rode on the Dressage, Eventing and Hunt Seat Teams while at Otterbein. Needless to say, we were thrilled to welcome Sarah to our Team.  She also brings her her TB Appalachian Trail (Appy) with whom she is successfully competing at the Training level and eyeing a move up in the very near future. Sarah is an extremely hard worker has fit in perfectly with the team and we are so happy to have her at the farm.


Team Vet Dr. Keith Brady Dr. Keith Brady- Vet

Dr. Brady graduated from the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine in 1995. He began his veterinary career in Charlottesville, focusing on equine lameness and reproduction. In 2002, Keith cofounded Old Dominion Equine Associates, a practice that has grown to be a well-respected veterinary group. Dr. Brady has been with Plain Dealing Farm for years and has formed a great relationship with all Lucia and Benita’s horses. The health of the horse is the most important thing in the sport of eventing, and Dr. Brady helps to make sure Plain Dealing Farm’s  horses are in prime condition to compete.


Team Farrier Tom Schwab Tom Schwab- Farrier

One of 2 of Plain Dealing’s amazing Farriers, Tom is an irreplaceable part of Plain Dealing Farm Eventing. No hoof-No horse the saying goes and Tom works tirelessly to make sure Plain Dealing’s horses have top notch care so that they can compete at the highest levels. Having worked with Lucia and Benita for many years he know’s the horses very well and keeps them at their best.


Team Farrier Butch Sclater Butch Sclater – Farrier

Butch shares the responsibility of keeping Plain Dealing’s competition horses’ feet in top-notch condition. Also having been a part of the team for many years, he knows the horses and works to keep them at their best.  Butch also trims the herds of ponies, and retirees we have on the farm.



Barn Manager Molly Bull

Molly Bull- Bookkeeper

Molly is a Level II Certified Instructor through the US Eventing Association’s Instructor Certification program. Molly joined Plain Dealing Farm in the spring of 2000 as a groom for Kim Severson. Under Kim’s tutelage, Molly competed successfully up to the four-star level and brought 2 horses from green prospects to the advanced level. Molly purchased her most successful event horse, the Irish-bred Kiltartan, in the spring of 2001. With him she placed 9th at the Fair Hill CCI***, 10th at the Jersey Fresh CCI***, and completed the Rolex Kentucky CCI****. Molly keeps everything running smoothly at Plain Dealing Farm, and Lucia wouldn’t be able to manage the barn without her. Recently Molly and her husband, Eric Bull, have welcomed a new member of their family, Henry Elliott Bull, and now Molly is focusing on being a mom, teaching lessons, and managing the barn. She also competes her Irish Sporthorse gelding Mike.

The Farm Crew:

Lucia and Benita are extremely grateful to have an amazing group of people who work at Plain Dealing and keep the farm running. The competition horse program is an important part of the farm, but the upkeep of a farm as large as Plain Dealing takes a lot of work and without these individuals the Event Team would’t be able to focus on the horses. Plain Dealing’s crew are also always willing to lend a hand to the barn girls when things get tight and they work with Molly, Lucia and Benita to make sure that everything on the farm is in good working order.

Bill Dickie, Buck Powell, Travis Brooks, Virginia Hunt and Tad Smith